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What Is A Mining Rig?

What is a crypto mining rig? It’s a specialized hardware system used to mine cryptocurrency – a mining rig is generally based on a graphics card’s design.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Mining Rig?

Types Of Mining Rig

1. CPU

While looking for a specific Bitcoin mining rig is logical, understanding CPU is equally important.

2. GPU

GPU mining rigs are perhaps the most popular ones today since these are used for mining cryptocurrencies like ZEC (Zcash), ETC (Ethereum Classic), and several others.


FPGA used to be a popular crypto mining tool sometime back due to its versatile mining capabilities for different cryptos.


The ASIC mining rig is a tool that has been used the most in recent times by miners. ASIC (Integrated Circuits for Specific Applications) has been designed specially for performing specific tasks.