Step 1:  Find a Bitcoin ATM

Use online apps and maps to locate Bitcoin close to you. CoinATMrader is a good tool to consider for this.

Step 2:  Verify Your Identity

Now for the identity verification part, use your phone number, or your IDs. Even biometric verification may be needed at some points.

Step 3:  Select "Sell Bitcoin"

Once you have verified your identity, select the option to "Sell Bitcoin" on the ATM screen. You will then be prompted to enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell.

Step 4:  Send Bitcoin to the ATM

Scan the QR code provided by your Bitcoin ATM to sell your Bitcoin. Use a Bitcoin wallet and enter a specific amount of Bitcoin that you want to sell. This will send your Bitcoin to the provided address.

Step 5:  Get cash

When the transaction is complete, you will receive your cash. Pretty easy, right?