Kibho Cryptocurrency


Introducing Kibho Cryptocurrency

The Kibho cryptocurrency is an Indian government-licensed platform. The official name of the platform is Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd and BMUU. The project first received a license back in the month of May 2020 from the Indian government.

Before you get excited about Kibho login or even the Kibho coin price in India, understand how the business plan for the platform works out. Since Kibho basically operates as a typical MLM company, the entire business strategy of this platform is rooted in MLM.

Business Plan Of Kibho

Referrals And Ad View Profits

If you are interested in referral incomes, then you need to know about your eligibility. Instead of worrying about Kibho coin login details, you need an ID so that you can start your journey on the Kibho platform. Here, the income that an individual is earning entirely depends on their direct referral and their level.

There’s no point worrying about ‘Kibho fake or real,’ considering the platform promises transparency. The Kibho platform also offers rewards and awards to its consumers. The platform is entirely based on the level of a person’s achievement.

Awards And Rewards