What IS Stacks STX


Stacks 2.0

This is an upgraded version of the Stack team to get secure apps and bring smart contracts to Bitcoin. The Stacks 2.0 mainnet launch lets developers utilize the protocol of Stacks to form a user-owned internet by Bitcoin. It allows the users to earn Bitcoins.

The STX token is the exclusive token that is used by the Stacks Blockchain. The activities that take place on the network have to rely on the STX tokens.  These tokens mainly promote the implementation of smart contracts on the network of Stacks.

STX Token

How does Stacks work

The process in which Stacks(STX) depends on the association of two different parties, stackers and miners. This communication is regulated by a special consensus mechanism known as the Proof of Transfer(PoX). It might be a little surprising that in the Stacks blockchain, there is nothing actually to mine for the miners.

If we look into there, this is a completely innovative concept. If we look from the beginning, the way it was developed is unique. Unlike any other crypto project, this one was developed through a long process of almost eight years before it came to process.

What makes stacks stand out